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Namco Bandai announced a medium-term business plan today, which mentions the Chinese entered the market plan, take a look.  

在今天公开商业计划中,万代南梦宫表示他们目前正在拓展全球化的IP主轴发展战略,传奇sf也因此他们计划将原有的以日本为中心的发展战略向关注区域性的结构进行转换。In today's open business plan, Namco Bandai said they are currently expanding IP spindle development strategy of globalization, therefore, the original plan to Japan as the center of the development strategy to focus attention on the regional structure conversion.


  万代南梦宫依然将日本地区视为所有市场中的No.1,传奇sf在欧美地区他们则将会拓展网络内容和家用游戏业务,同时也会转而进军模玩收藏领域。最后,万代南梦宫提到中国是一片关键区域,他们将会全面进入中国市场。Namco Bandai will still in Japan for all the No.1 in the market, in the United States and Europe they will expand the network content and home game business, but also turned into a die playing field collection. Finally, Namco Bandai mentioned Chinese is a key area, they will fully enter the market Chinese.


  至于要如何进入中国市场,万代南梦宫也提出了部分计划:首先,传奇sf主要通过2017年12月在中国上海设立的公司,积极与本地合作伙伴进行协作。另外,万代南梦宫也会采取强力的本地IP主轴战略,发展其产业并与日本及中国本地的IP进行联动。除此之外,在音乐和模玩收藏方面,万代南梦宫也表示会依托现有的网络服务,全面地推出相关服务。As to how to enter the market Chinese, Namco Bandai also made part of the plan: first, mainly through the establishment in December 2017 in Shanghai Chinese company, actively collaborate with local partners. In addition, Namco Bandai will also take the local IP spindle strength of its industrial development strategy, and linkage with Japan and China local IP. In addition, in the aspect of music and play collection mode, Namco Bandai is said to be based on the existing network services, a comprehensive introduction of related services.

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